Friday, 5 September 2008

The Utter Story of Unlucky Fried Kitten

A Brief For Rio.

Unlucky Fried Kitten were formed in Maidstone in 1995 by Andy Export, from the remnants of Death In Venice and The Martini Slutz. This blog is a work in progress and serves to promote the complete and utter history of Unlucky Fried Kitten and all related bands and affiliations, including related video-makers, photographers, dancers, artists, journalists, newspaper stories etc. Containment of all UFK-connected issues is the aim of the blog...and all items/posts/info etc will be verified by the UFK Dollshouse. Put simply, this blog will be a place to hold records of all UFK happenings, past and present, and it will act as the Official and UFK-Verified Information Centre.

(passed over to Rio Fraser for approval and for commencement)

Links To Be Made:
All MySpace Pages
All Reverb Pages
All YouTube Pages (including Sebastiano etc)
Last FM page
UFK Facebook Group (unlucky fried kitten- a pop band)
Wordpress blog
Google Blog
NME bands
Reverb banner
Re-blogs (seperate section)
Tragedian e-bay story at Kent Online (google Tragedian andy fraser)
MySpace threads...Welcome To England, Unlucky Fried Kitten etc
Lyrics section (andy can add these)
Pictures from Reverb/MySpace/Flickr etc
Video Section (though I guess that is with YouTube)
Interviews (including Taylor Read and Terri Saunders...which Andy and Rio will un-earth as they are onto Taylor and Terri's lawyers as we write ;] )
Links (possibly) to friends Reavsey, Pizt, etc.

We can constantly add things like poetry sections and art sections as the blog grows.
Just whatever you can think of really.


Melancholy Rose said...

I have been in touch with Ms. Reed Personally. She is on location in Los Angeles and should be making her way towards London come October, surely with Reed in tow.


RockWriter said... we can get some interviews done,at last. Hopefully some of the old ones are still kicking around????